Hey beauty bunnies, sorry I’ve been so MIA lately!! I’ve been super busy ever since school started up again at the end of August. Buttt here I leave you with a Halloween-Inspired look I did the other day! “Sexy Cat” ;)
Eyeshadow is by NYX’s Love in Paris in the palette “Merci Beaucoup”.
The eyeliner I used for my cat eye wings and nose is L’Oreal Gel Liner in “Blackest Black”.
I drew the cheetah print on my eyes and whiskers on my face with Ruby Kisses Liquid Eyeliner.
I filled in my lips with NYX black pencil eyeliner and dabbed a bit of shimmery grey eyeshadow on top using L.A Colors eyeshadow palette in “Stormy”.
For the freckles under my cheeks I lightly poked on Prestige pencil eyeliner in E•12 Brown.
I filled in my brows with NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Dark Brown.

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Ttyl! ~
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Some goodies I picked up yesterday from Target :) I’m most excited to try out the Miss Manga mascara from Loreal! I’ve heard good things about it so I’ll seeee 😁


Feelin’ like a black Marilyn. Haha #VintageMakeup #20sInspired #TutorialComingSoon ;) ❤️💄💋 (at Roaring Twenties 🎉)

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Hey guys! I’ve got a new video up and it’s a haul! In this video I show you all of the clothes I bought from Ross and Kohl’s last week, as well as a few other things I picked up :) I was able to get hella cute items for hella cheap! SO HAPPYYY. Check out the vid and also don’t forget to subscribe to me on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/user/chiyobunny

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♡ July Favorites 2014 ♡ 

Hey lovelies! Check out all of my favorite beauty, fashion, and other random stuff from last month! It’ll make you laugh, I promise ;) Give it a thumbs up if ya liked it!

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Anonymous said: Can you make a back to school shopping haul :)

Yes I can! I should be going shopping within the next week since I go back on the 28th of this month, so I’ll film everything that I get :)

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Here are some of my favorite shots from my miniature photoshoot I had with my best friend jenniferrsanchez last week! She has a Canon professional camera so she came over and we decided to take some nice photos over at the river two minutes away from my house.
My floral blue headband is from Claire’s
Golden necklace is from Forever 21
Dress is from Bloom
Mint Bracelets are from Burlington
Brown heel-boots are from Broadway Shoes. :)

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♡ Bronzy, Nude Makeup ♡ 

Hello lovelies! I had filmed this video last month and when I edited it in Windows Movie Maker, the program crashed on me mid-editing. Even though I had continuously saved my work throughout the time editing, the file completely disappeared and could not be found. So, to my inconvenience, I had to re-edit the whole thing. Out of anger I uninstalled Windows Movie Maker and was on the hunt for a new editing program. I had tried at least twelve different free editing programs until I settled for the one I used to edit this video, called Video Pad. I like it, though it’s a bit more complex than Windows Movie Maker, but has alot more to offer and doesn’t lag/ hasn’t crashed while I was editing LOL. But I’m still new and quite unfamiliar to the program so I couldn’t figure out how exactly to do a voice-over. So this is a silent video but hopefully you are able to follow the steps and methods without narration! I am still adjusting to using this new editing program so please be patient with me! It was the last straw with Windows Movie Maker & I’ve moved on to bigger & better things. LOL. Enjoy this bronzy, natural makeup look that’s great for Summer!

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Makeup of the Day! Going to lunch with friends right now :) lip color is “San Paulo” by NYX 💄💋💕